Halle Bailey Supports Rachel Zegler amid Controversy over “Latin Snow White” Casting

“The Little Mermaid” star Halle Bailey backs Rachel Zegler amidst backlash over her casting in the live-action of “Snow White”.

Previously, African-American actress Halle Bailey faced numerous criticisms when she was cast as the protagonist in Disney’s live-action film ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Halle Bailey

At that time, fans of the original animation ‘The Little Mermaid’ expressed their discontent, claiming that Halle Bailey and the original character Ariel bore no resemblance, leading to a boycott movement against the movie for allegedly damaging the original storyline.

Disney defended their casting decision, highlighting Halle Bailey’s musical talent and acting skills, but the live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ ultimately failed to achieve global success, leaving much disappointment.

Another live-action film has faced controversy due to its casting choice.

On July 14th, still cuts from the set of Disney’s live-action film ‘Snow White’ were released. The still cuts featured Latina actress Rachel Zegler dressed as Snow White, attracting attention with her appearance.

Rachel Zegler’s portrayal differs from the original depiction of Snow White, who is described as having black hair as dark as ebony and ‘skin as white as snow.’

Fans of ‘Snow White’ raised objections, citing Rachel Zegler’s darker skin tone, claiming that it did not align with the image of the original character and making various racially discriminatory remarks.

As the controversy continued, fans criticized the still cuts, claiming that neither Snow White nor the Seven Dwarfs seemed to fit the roles.

In response to the ongoing criticism, Rachel Zegler took to her official Twitter on July 15th and pleaded, “I am extremely appreciative of the love I feel from those defending me online, but please don’t tag me in the nonsensical discourse about my casting. I really, truly do not want to see it. So I leave you with these photos! I hope every child knows they can be a princess no matter what.”

In the photo shared by Rachel Zegler, she can be seen wearing the Disney Snow White dress, displaying a cheerful expression from her childhood days.

In response to the post, Halle Bailey, who had previously experienced a similar controversy, publicly showed her support and endorsement, calling Rachel Zegler a “truly perfect princess” and expressing her love for her.

Amid the casting controversy, Disney’s live-action film ‘Snow White’ is scheduled to be released in March 2024.

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