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Cast members of dating show “Eden 2” shock with their bold bare-skin skinship 

“Eden 2” MCs were speechless watching the bold skinship.

On November 22nd, episode 2 of the IHQ’s reality dating show “Eden 2” was released. In this episode, Kim Kang Rae, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Soo Min, Jo Yi Gun, Lana, Son Seo Ah, Lee Seo Yeon, and Hyun Chae Hee were shown competing against each other in a dodgeball match for a benefit. 


Before the match, young men and women put sunscreen on each other’s backs and showed bold physical contact. Watching this, Lee Hong Ki said, “But the men will know who’s putting oil on their backs” showing his excitement. Lee Hong Ki added, “It’s okay if you apply it like this, but it’s different if you do it with both hands.”

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The paired dodgeball teams that were revealed were Kang Rae and Seo Ah, Yi Geon and Lana, Do Hyun and Chae Hee, and Soo Min and Seo Yeon. Seo Yeon asked Soo Min, “Do you want to carry me?” Soo Min then boldly put Seo Yeon’s hand on his waist, saying, “Hold it like this.” He then stunned the MCs by saying, “Or do you want to put your hand in my pocket? Grab my pocket.” Yoon Bomi was embarrassed, saying, “If she put it in his pocket, there’s no place to hold it…?”


Afterwards, Soo Min protected Seo Yeon with his strength.  Seo Yeon told Soo Min, “Youbseem to be athletic. You are surprisingly athletic.” Soo Min said, “Keep sticking to me.” In the meantime, Seo Yeon caught the attention of the MCs with a bold action that looks like she was groping Soo Min’s chest.

Lee Hong Ki was puzzled and said, “Wait a minute. Why is her left finger over there?” Simeez said, “She’s looking for something.” Yoon Bomi drew laughter by bluntly saying, “Isn’t it a game of finding the top?”


Source: Daum.

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