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“It’s much stronger than season 1″… “Eden 2” is back with shocking level of exposure

“Eden 2” showed a “dating reality” show that has become more powerful than season 1.

In episode 1 of IHQ’s new dating reality show “Eden 2”, which first aired at 10 PM on Nov 15th, 8 young men and women, including Kim Kang Rae, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Soo Min, Lana, Son Seo Ah, Lee Seo Yeon, Jo Yi Gun and Hyun Chae Hee, entered a full-fledged exploration after the first meeting.


On this day, MCs Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi and Simeez were speechless after watching the highlight video of “Eden 2”. The three responded, “It’s so hot that I forget about season 1“, “It’s much stronger” and “Can that question be broadcast?

Jo Yi Gun (male), Son Seo Ah (female), Kim Do Hyun (male), Lee Seo Yeon (female), Kim Soo Min (male), Hyun Chae Hee (female), Kim Kang Rae (male) and Lana (female) appeared one after another, attracting attention with unconventional swimming suits and solid visuals. In particular, Jo Yi Gun, Son Seo Ah, Kim Do Hyun and Kim Kang Rae drew admiration with their looks resembling Song Seung Heon, Jennie, Baekhyun and Do Kyung Soo, respectively.


The young men and women, who were talking informally according to the Seven Commandments, attempted to match each other for the first activity “Ribbon Game”. Kim Soo Min – Lana and Kim Do Hyun – Lee Seo Yeon paired up. Jo Yi Gun was in a happy dilemma as he was chosen by Son Seo Ah and Hyun Chae Hee at the same time. In addition, Kim Kang Rae, who confessed to the production team that he is a virgin loser, was not chosen by the female cast, causing regret. Jo Yi Gun held Son Seo Ah’s hand while Hyun Chae Hee, who was left alone, became a team with Kim Kang Rae.


The young men and women, who entered the game in earnest, created a close atmosphere in the process of tying ribbons, making viewers unable to take their eyes off.

Afterwards, the young men and women entered the Eden House and enjoyed dinner with a completely different appearance. They surprised the three MCs as they approached each other without hesitation from the first day by asking questions such as “We can sleep together here“, “Is it green light?“, “What’s your ideal type?“…

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Afterwards, the young men and women who entered the “Eden House” enjoyed dinner with a completely different look. They approached each other without hesitation and surprised the 3 MCs with questions like, “Is it possible to sleep alone here?”, “Did you give me the green light?”, and “What’s your ideal type?”

Above all, at the end of the broadcast, Lana, who had the “bed assignment right” for the first night, raised curiosity by saying, “Are you curious about the room assignment? It’s worth looking forward to” with a meaningful smile.
“Eden 2” is broadcast every Tuesday at 10 PM (KST) on channels IHQ and Wavve.

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