EXO’s Kai “practiced during the Chuseok”, revealing a burning passion for dancing at such a young age in past interview 

Kai loves dancing so much he did not even skip practice on holidays. 

When Messi claimed the World Cup trophy for the first time after a penalty shootout, fans were immediately reminded of a strong supporter of Argentina, that is EXO’s Kai. While his love for soccer is undeniable, it was dancing that took up almost the entirety of his childhood, including a swooning long hair. 

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In one of his past radio appearances, Kai said to the listeners, “The bakery that [his] parents used to run was at the back door.” In recalling his past, the idol revealed bits from his old life that even his members did not know. 

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Kai said, “I had long hair in elementary school. It came to my shoulders. My parents made me raise it,” he explained. The idol added, “I’ve been dancing since I was young, but my parents said that I look cool when I have long hair when I dance. I remember my sisters loving it when I was young.” 

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At that time, EXO member Chanyeol also said, “Kai said his nickname was ‘Sexy Back’ when he was in middle school,” to which Kai replied, “At that time, I danced to the ‘Sexy Back song, and it was so cool that I said I became a ‘Sexy Back’ from then on.” 

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As a capable dancer now, Kai has had his passion for dancing from such a young age, as he happily uncovered above. Remembering his trainee time, Kai said, “When I was a trainee, I practiced during Chuseok and only ate and practiced throughout the three-day vacation,” adding, “I came first in the morning and went last. I’ve never seen anyone go later than me,” he said, drawing admiration for consistency and diligence.

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In 2012, Kai debuted with the boy idol group EXO under SM and is currently working as a solo artist. He is raising expectations with a comeback in SM pre-recorded joint concert “2023 SM Town Live” on the 15th.

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Source: daum

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