Kim Soo Hyun was cut from “Boys Over Flowers” for not acting well when he was a rookie?

Famous actor Kim Soo Hyun, who used to be fired for bad acting skills, has vastly improved and became a Hallyu star. 

Through his solid acting skills and warm appearance, actor Kim Soo Hyun is now enjoying huge popularity both in and outside of Korea. However, his bitter past as a rookie has been attracting a lot of attention.

Kim Soo-hyun

In particular, it was revealed that when Kim Soo Hyun was a newbie actor, he took on the role of Lee Min Ha in the mega hit drama “Boys Over Flowers”, which starred Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun. This character, who dreamed of revenge on the main character, originally played a significant role, but Kim Soo Hyun was pointed out by the director for poor acting during the script reading scene and ended up dropping out of the drama.

Kim Soo-hyun

While the situation delivered a heavy blow to Kim Soo Hyun, the actor did not give up and continued his acting career. Finally, he got casted for the dramas “Dream High” and “The Moon Embracing the Sun”, and rose to stardom. 

In “Dream High”, Kim Soo Hyun assumed his first leading role in a drama, and with acting skills accumulated through various supporting roles and child roles, managed to pull off a portrayal that went beyond expectations. 

Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo Hyun, who emerged as a rising star after his big breakthrough, then went on to challenge action acting in the movies “The Thieves” and “Secretly, Greatly”, with both achieving good results.

In particular, “Secretly, Greatly” is considered a top-notch performance in Kim Soo Hyun’s career, with the actor playing a North Korean spy disguised as a neighborhood fool, and taking complete control over the flow of the work.

Kim Soo-hyun

After “The Thieves”, Kim Soo Hyun reunited with actress Jun Ji Hyun through the SBS drama “My Love from the Star”, which became a syndrome and boosted the actor to the ranks of Hallyu stars. In this series, Kim Soo Hyun transformed into an alien who fell to Earth 400 years ago, and exuded astounding charms and acting skills.

Kim Soo-hyun

In the end, “My Love from the Star” recorded impressive viewership ratings and topped its timeslot, at the same time boasting insane popularity in China. Videos of the drama exceeded 4 billion views in the country, and the Korean culture of eating fried chicken with beer also became viral through it. 

After the great success of “My Love from the Star”, many people were worried about Kim Soo Hyun’s next project, but the actor’s appearance in “The Producers” alongside Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and IU truly did not disappoint.

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However, Kim Soo Hyun’s movie “Real”, which was right before the actor’s enlistment, received huge criticism and did not do well. He then joined the military, got discharged in 2019, and chose the tvN series “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” as his comeback project. In this drama, the actor delivered a warm message through his role of a caregiver in a psychiatric ward, who has an autistic older brother.

Kim Soo-hyun

Currently, Kim Soo Hyun is discussing his appearance in “Queen of Tears”, a new work of writer Park Ji Eun, who he previously worked with in “My Love from the Star” and “The Producers”. Many drama fans cannot hide their anticipation at the possible reunion of Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ji Eun. 

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