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Kim Woo Bin’s Gestures of Reliability and Sweetness Steal Hearts

On the December 16th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interference’, the hosts met the lead actors of the movie ‘Alienoid.’

At a party hosted by Lee Young Ja on that day, Kim Woo Bin surprised everyone with his courteous gesture when Jin Sun Kyu put torn kimchi in his mouth. He automatically reached out a polite hand to prevent the kimchi water from spilling. 

Later, Kim Woo Bin went straight to the kitchen, brought kitchen towels, and showed sweetness by giving one to each person.

Kim Woo Bin’s sweet actions continued. While wandering around with nothing to do, he discovered a kitchen towel on fire and calmly handled it.

Yang Se Hyung exclaimed, “That could have been a big problem. What you just did was so cool.” Choi Ye Na marveled, “How did you notice that?”

Later, Kim Woo Bin caught the attention again with his reliability as he calmly handled the situation when Lee Young Ja was looking for a kitchen towel.

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