Choi Soo-young’s ideal type is totally different from her boyfriend Jung Kyung-ho: “I like someone with a manly beard”

Actress Choi Soo-young, a member of the group Girls’ Generation, came as a guest in the national folk restaurant guidebook “Nice Week.” 

“Nice Week,” which aired on July 4th, left for Gunsan in search of traditional liquor made with rockfish farming methods that had been observed since the 1930s. 

Sung Dong-il, Ko Chang-seok, and Choi Soo-young arrived at a historic brewery built in 1931 to make alcohol. Lawyer Park Ki-tae, an alcohol expert, said, “It’s a drink that Koreans have been drinking and it’s the one that touches Koreans the most.” Go Chang-seok, who entered the brewery, exclaimed, “It smells more like rice than alcohol.

In particular, while tasting the traditional alcoholic drink, Choi Soo-young drew attention by confessing her unexpected ideal type. When Choi Soo-young said to Ko Chang-seok, “Your eyes are melodramatic,” Sung Dong-il asked, “If you get the chance to act in a melodrama, are you confident to do it with someone with a beard?” In response, Soo-young said, “You can’t cut your hair and beard. It is your charm,” she said firmly.

In response, Sung Dong-il asked, “Is your ideal type someone with a manly beard?” and Choi Soo-young answered “Yes” without thinking. In response, Sung Dong-il mentioned Choi Soo-young’s lover, Jung Kyung-ho, saying, “But the guy I know doesn’t have a beard.” In response, Choi Soo-young gave a laugh by saying, “Don’t you usually go for someone that is different from your ideal type?

“Nice Week,” a national folk dish guide that introduces Korean traditional liquor and pairs snacks that match the traditional liquor, is broadcast every Monday night at 9:30 p.m. on ENA Channel and tvN Story.

Source: daum

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