Tomorrow’s rating hits the lowest despite the dramatic content, is there any way to save it?

Kim Hee Sun’s Tomorrow shows no signs of rating growth.

Tomorrow,” starring Kim Hee Sun, is receiving increasing criticism and has poor ratings. Despite the film’s increasingly dramatic storyline and the mystery of the female lead’s history progressively being disclosed, episode 10 had a low record of only 2.5 percent.

Tomorrow’s rating is a flop when compared to other Saturday night programs. “It’s Beautiful Now” had a 22.3 %, “My Liberation Notes” had a 3.3%, “Again My Life” had an 8.6%, “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” had a 10.7%, and “Our Blues” had a 7.9%. Moreover, despite the fact that “Shooting Star” only received 1.5%, the rating remains stable and has not been decreased.

Again My Life
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