Sandara Park, “I ate pork cutlet at dawn but couldn’t gain weight. My dream was to weigh more than 40kg”

Sandara Park appeared on Kim Shin Young’s radio show and revealed the story of when she tried to gain weight.

Sandara Park guested on MBC’s FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, which aired on January 10th.

On the broadcast, Sandara Park talked about being called a “small eater”. She said, “I always eat less than others. I used to be criticized all the time and had never thought of being supported for this”. 

sandara park

She continued, “I used to think it was normal because all of my family members are small eaters”, adding “We can order one chicken only when the whole family gather together”. 

Kim Shin Young commented, “There are many people who want to gain weight. I heard gaining weight is even harder and more stressful (than losing weight)”.

sandara park

Hearing this, Sandara Park said, “I once ate pork cutlet at dawn on purpose, but I didn’t gain weight. My trainer told me to eat pork cutlet at night then jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) at dawn”. She confessed, “My dream was to weigh more than 40kg”.

Source: Daum

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