A StayC member is born with arts in her blood, with singer father, model mother, and little sister who attend a top art school

A StayC member is the eldest daughter of famous singer Park Nam Jung, who used to create a “dance craze” all across Korea. 

Park Nam Jung, who debuted in 1988, received a lot of love by releasing legendary songs such as “I Miss You”. In addition, he drew attention for his outstanding dance skills, and even popularized the robot dance through his debut song “Oh Wind” and the “L dance” through “I Miss You”.

In 1999, he got married to his wife, the model Heo Eun Joo, after a long dating period, and have two daughters. 

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Park Nam Jung’s two daughters have both grown up well, with the younger one having passed the entrance exam to Korean National University of Arts, and the older daughter being active as the main vocalist in a girl group. 

In particular, the 2nd daughter, Park Si Woo, has successfully enrolled in the acting department at Korea National University of Arts. Meanwhile, the eldest daughter, Park Si Eun, is active as a member of girl group StayC, showing her “natural entertainment DNA”. 

Rumor has it that Park Si Woo showed interest in dancing and acting from a young age, just like her older sister. She had already been recognized for her ability by passing the acting department of Goyang Art High School as a senior student.

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On the other hand, Park Si Eun is already active as a StayC member. She made her acting debut in the drama “Pluto Squad” in 2014, and has since appeared in various works, such as “Signal”, “Still 17”, “The Crowned Clown”, and “Mystic Pop-up Bar”. In 2018, she even won the Best Young Actress Award at the SBS Drama Awards.

It seems that talent for the arts truly runs in the family, and Park Nam Jung also posted about this fact, showing how he is a fool for his daughters. 

park nam jung

The relationship of Park Nam Jung with his beautiful wife and two pretty daughters were portrayed via an episode on the MBC program “Human Documentary People is Good“, which aired in 2019.   

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