Actress Kim Taeri is reportedly scoring another drama, working on her second series apart from the upcoming “The Devil”

Kim Tae-ri’s next drama is a drama adaptation of the webtoon “Jeong-nyeon” based on the “Women’s National Drama”.

According to Sports Chosun, on the 16th, actress Kim Tae-ri was cast in a drama based on a Naver webtoon called “Jeong-nyeon.”

kim tae ri

“Jeong-nyeon” is a webtoon series released in 2019 that tells the story of the titular character, Yoon Jeong-nyeon, a Mokpo girl with nothing in her hands, decides to enter a women’s Korean traditional theater company to get rich.

Webtoon’s cover

kim tae ri

Apart from her role in the webtoon-based series, Kim Tae-ri is also preparing for the SBS drama “The Devil”, an occult mystery thriller that follows a pair of demon-possessed woman and man with the ability to see evil spirit to uncover the truth behind mysterious deaths of five bodies. The series marks the return of famous screenwriter Kim Eun-hee.

kim tae ri

For “The Devil”, Kim Tae-ri will play the role of Gu San-young, a public official by day and learner by night to prepare for the ninth-grade civil service exam many times. Actor Oh Jung-se takes over the role of Yeom Hae-sang, a folklore professor from a wealthy family with eyes and ears to see and hear the gods. Finally, the role of an elite but narcissistic detective features Hong Kyung, an actor rising to popularity thanks to Netflix’s “D.P.”

Source: wikitree

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