LE SSERAFIM can’t even finish a large cup of noodles together? Super small appetite

Members Sakura and Hong Eunchae of girl group LE SSERAFIM confessed that they can’t finish a cup of noodles together.

On June 1st, a video titled “The eldest Unniez are here! A peaceful(?) LE SSERAFIM with the youngest’s obsession” was released on the YouTube channel “KBS Kpop”.


On this day, LE SSERAFIM members Kim Chaewon and Sakura appeared as guests and had a Q&A session with MC Hong Eunchae (the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM), where they answered fans’ questions.

Here, Sakura and Hong Eunchae asked about the rumor that they share 1 pack of ramen noodles together, but can’t even finish it. Answering to this rumor of super small appetite, Sakura said, “We can’t (explain it). It’s just true…”

Sakura then attempted to explain the situation, saying that the ramen they couldn’t finish is the huge kind of cup noodles, not the small one. However, the production team stated that the type Sakura and Eunchae ate was just a standard cup noodle for one serving, not a large cup at all. 


Hearing this, Sakura expressed her grievances, saying, “Even when there’s my favorite food in front of me. I can’t eat when I’m full… I’m so jealous of the people who can eat more. I hope you understand people like us better…”

Meanwhile, Hong Eunchae also said, “I don’t eat when I’m feeling even a bit full. I’m someone who has to eat more often but just a little bit”.

At this, Kim Chaewon then drew the line, saying, “I don’t eat a lot, but I’m normal. I finish 1 portion at all times.”

Upon hearing this, Sakura asked, “Can you finish the 1 serving of delivery foods? Can you finish the rice?” to which Kim Chaewon hesitated before replying, “I can’t finish the rice.. I just focus on the main menu and I can’t finish the rice..”

Source: Nate

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