Suzy’s 4 years of hiatus is over, proving the dedication for her original career with “Because I Love You”

Suzy returns as a singer, her main job, reminding people of her shining presence once again.

Kang Seung-won’s second album project Part.5 “Because I Love You” was released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on May 25th.


His new song “Because I Love You” is a ballad genre song that sings about the feeling of love when one becomes small in front of the person they like. The lyrical melody and Suzy‘s unique and clear vocals combined to complete a calm and romantic atmosphere.


Kang Seung-won has been working on his second project album with many different artists such as Zion.T, Jang Pil-soon, IU, and Sunwoo Jungah. Suzy’s beautiful voice, which has been loved for its light and comfortable atmosphere, when combined with Kang Seung-won’s unpretentious lyrics and music, shines even more.


Suzy drew public attention in February with her first single “Satellite” after four years. Since her debut as a member of Miss A in 2010, the public is always greatly pleased with Suzy’s comeback as a singer, as she has consistently continued her acting activities mostly through “Architecture 101,” which made Suzy into “The Nation’s First Love,” “Gu Family Book,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “Startup.”


This time, she showed her mature charm with a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere that was never seen during her girl group days, as well as showing off her musical skills by participating in writing the lyrics.

Kang Seung-won also expressed his satisfaction by posting a photo at his recording studio with Suzy the day before the album’s release date. “Suzy is an artist that I have always wanted to work with after I realized a long time ago that she had excellent singing skills,” he said adding, “I was constantly surprised by her exact pitch and good tone throughout the recording. I’m happy to be able to produce such a perfect result,”.


Suzy has established herself as an actress by showing various character transformations through various works. Furthermore, it is nice to see Suzy’s continuous growth as a singer, from the release of new songs that showcase her own music colors to participation in project albums, showing that she can digest a wide spectrum as a singer.

Source: Daum

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