Looks like even Charlie Puth can’t escape the charm of New Jeans

Rookie girl group NewJeans receives support not only from domestic but also foreign artists. 

On August 30th, American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth drew attention by posting a video of him watching NewJeans‘ music show stage on his Instagram story. He was checking out New Jeans performance of their debut title track “Attention” on KBS’s Music Bank on August 5th. 


Charlie Puth added three fire emojis, hinting that he was enjoying New Jeans’ energetic dance moves and refreshing charm as shown in their performance. 

Charlie Puth is known to openly express his interest in K-pop idols. He had a collaboration stage with BTS at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards (MGA), and recently released the single “Left and Right” with BTS’s Jungkook that debuted on the Billboard Hot 100.

charlie puth - bts jungkook

Netizens’ reactions to Charlie Puth watching New Jeans’ stage: 

  • “It’s not even a MV. I can’t believe he was watching a Music Bank stage”
  • “I wonder if he saw it while searching for his own song Attention”
  • “New Jeans is a total rookie, so it’s amazing that Charlie Puth noticed them”
  • “It’s the YouTube algorithm”
  • “Understandable. Attention is such a good song.”
  • “It’s more interesting that he was actually watching Music Bank”

Source: dispatch

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