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A male actor’s straightforward confession on “Divorced Singles 2” is attracting netizens’ attention

Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun of “Divorced Singles 2” caught the attention of viewers with their sweet daily life moments.

The broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Divorced Singles 2” which was aired on December 19th, depicted the lovey-dovey daily life when living together of couple Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun.

Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun

On this day, Lee Da-eun and Yoon Nam-gi spent time lying on the bed together in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

After lying down, Lee Da-eun turned around, saying she didn’t want to show her ugly face. Therefore, Yoon Nam-gi hugged her from behind and said, “Daeun, your face is not ugly”.

As Yoon Nam-gi kept doing skinships, Daeun said, “This won’t be broadcast, right? I might get kicked out of here”, expressing her worries. Then, Yoon Nam-gi showed his affection for her, “If you get kicked out, just come to me. You can come to my house”, adding, “I will take responsibility for you”.

Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun

He continued, whispering to Lee Da-eun, “Daeun ah, let’s live in Yeongjong Island together”. In response, Lee Da-eun asked, “Yeongjong Island? Why?”, and Yoon Nam-gi surprised all the cast members as he said, “I have a house in Yeongjong Island. Whatever it takes, I won’t let you sleep outside”. Upon hearing his word, MC Lee Hye-young excitingly commented, “Yoon Nam-gi is talking about their future.”

Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun

Netizens who watched the show also gave explosive reactions. One netizen envied Lee Da-eun and commented under this video, “Daeun is so lucky. She has a man who really loves her unconditionally”.

Yoon Nam-gi and Lee Da-eun

Another netizen regretfully said, “Master of sweet words, Yoon Nam-gi. Why there is no man like Namgi around me?”.

netizens comments

MBC’s “Divorced Singles 2” is a real romance program that shows divorced men and women starting again, from dating to living together. Episode 11, in which the final selection of “Divorced Singles 2” will be held, will air at 9:20 P.M on the 2nd of next month.

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