BTS V will release his 1st solo album in September with 5 MVs

V, a member of boy group BTS, will release the solo album “LAYOVER” on September 8th, raising expectations. 

According to BTS’ agency Big Hit Music, BTS V will release his 1st solo album on September 8th. 

LAYO(V)ER will include a total of 5 songs along with a bonus track, including “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, “Love Me Again”, “Slow Dancing”, “For Us”, and “Slow Dancing” (Piano version). 

bts v album

It is known that the title song, “Slow Dancing”, adopts that romantic soul style of the 1970s, boasting a free and chill vibe. 

In addition, music videos will be produced for all songs, excluding the bonus piano version track. 

Previously, it was also reported that V collaborated with Min Hee Jin, the general producer of NewJeans’ agency ADOR, on this solo album. As such, Min Hee Jin led the overall production of the album, including music, choreography, design, and promotion. V’s personal style will also be fully reflected through “LAYOVER”, and a new side of “solo artist V”, which differs from his “BTS V” image, can be expected. 

Source: Chosun Biz

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