BTS V Collaborate with NewJeans Creator Min Hee Jin for His Solo: Will He Show a Different Color from V? 

BTS V announced his first solo album, partnering with ADOR’s Min Hee Jin as the overall producer.

BTS V directly proposed the collaboration to Min Hee Jin. She oversees the entire production, including music, choreography, design, and promotions.

Min Hee Jin spoke about receiving the proposal and how she prepared music reflecting V’s taste, focusing on music they wanted to do and could handle well.

bts v

V expressed excitement and happiness about his solo album, assuring fans that it would showcase his unique style and bring joy to ARMYs.

Min Hee Jin is renowned for her innovative concepts and directions in K-pop, having played a significant role in shaping the image of various groups like Girls’ Generation, f(x), and Red Velvet.

She has now moved to HYBE and successfully launched NewJeans, leaving her name imprinted on the public once again.

min hee jin

As a solo artist, V has garnered love for his velvety low register and distinct tone, showcasing his potential through his songs like ‘Stigma,’ ‘Singularity,’ and ‘Inner Child.’

The anticipation grows as V and Min Hee Jin’s meeting promises to create a new and exciting blend of their individual colors. Fans are curious to witness the transformation of both BTS V and solo artist V in this collaboration.

Source: daum  

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