Korea’s “goddess” Lee Young Ae indirectly praises Son Ye Jin’s beauty

Netizens were surprised by Lee Young Ae’s humility when she said this to the lighting director. 

Recently, during her appearance on a JTBC’s show, Lee Young Ae caught the attention when suddenly mentioning Son Ye Jin.

Specifically, the actress made a playful request to the lighting director, “Please take good care of me. Please make me look prettier than Son Ye Jin”. What Lee Young Ae said made the production crew laugh. This is also a rare time Lee Young Ae publicly mentioned Son Ye Jin.

Netizens have expressed their excitement for this special “crumb” between the two top actresses: “Both of them are goddesses”, “Lee Young Ae is so cute”, “Lee Young Ae and Son Ye Jin’s beauty are top-tier, they are all Korea’s national treasures when it comes to visuals”.

Lee Young Ae and Son Ye Jin are among A-list actresses with the most iconic beauty in Korea. They stun the public with their timeless appearance. Both known for their natural and angelic looks, Lee Young Ae and Son Ye Jin always exude grace and gentleness whenever they appear in public. An interesting fact about them is that they both love nature and enjoy doing housework such as cooking, flower design, home decoration, etc.

Although there have been a lot of gorgeous young female stars of Korea’s entertainment industry introduced to the public over the last few years, Lee Young Ae and Son Ye Jin’s beauty are still considered the “walls” that are hard to overcome. 


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