An actress who was cast in a weekend drama after winning a 500:1 competition

Actress Lee Se-hee (30 years old), who played Park Dan-dan in KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, delivered her recent situation with a more innocent beauty.

On August 9th, Lee Se-hee posted several photos on Instagram with the caption “When my friend is a photographer. Our photographer Lee Kyung, who is very good at her main job”.

In the photos, which appear to have been taken outdoors by a photographer, Lee Se-hee was posing with one hand behind her head and the other hand touching her lips.

lee se hee

Lee Se-hee’s lovely smile attracted attention, and her sparkling eyes made her beauty stand out even more.

Following the popularity of “Young Lady and Gentleman”, Lee Se-hee chose KBS’ new mini-series drama “True Sword Battle” as her next project and will work with actor Do Kyung-soo, who has already confirmed his casting.

The drama “True Sword Battle” depicts the story of Jin Jung (Do Kyung-soo), a prosecutor who truly punishes corrupt powers with expedient and trickery.

lee se hee

Lee Se-hee said through her agency, “It was so much fun as soon as I first saw the script. After a conversation with director Kim Seong-ho, I became convinced of this work.”

She showed respect for director Kim Seong-ho, “I love the director’s previous works so much, so it’s a great honor to work with him.”

Lee Se-hee will take on the role of Shin A-ra, a senior prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office with perfect work skills and social skills.

lee se hee

She is expected to lead the drama by adding the charm of a tsundere that protects and cares about Jin Jung, a cold and chic intellectual prosecutor who will remain in the prosecution’s history, more than anyone else.

Lee Se-hee said, “The prosecutor ‘Shin A-ra’ is different from the characters I’ve played so far. I’m already excited and happy to be with the actors I’ve always admired.”

She also expressed her ambition, “I’m very happy to be able to meet viewers and fans quickly with a good work. I’ll work hard on filming and greet many people with a good image.”

lee se hee

Lee Se-hee made headlines from the beginning as she was cast in “Young Lady and Gentleman” after coming through a competition of 500 to 1.

Lee Se-hee, who had auditioned for the role of the younger sister, revealed that she was offered to challenge the lead role in the second audition. At that time, she thought, “Why would they use me as the main character?” However, she challenged comfortably and achieved a good result.

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Lee Se-hee then added that she was able to empathize well because she felt that Dan-dan, who works hard to achieve her dream, was in a similar situation to hers.

Source: daum

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