Shin Ye Eun tries taking the viral MZ-style mirror selfie, “Looks like I have a turtle neck”

Actress Shin Ye Eun revealed her 4D personality through her mirror selfie taken with the MZ Generation method.

Actress Shin Ye Eun recently received a request from a fan, asking her to take an MZ Generation mirror selfie. The fan said, “Unnie, can you take a mirror selfie that is viral these days? Just set your phone in selfie mode and show it in the mirror to capture multiple versions of yourself”.


In response, the actress got confused and she replied, “I don’t understand what you mean”.

However, the result of her effort was a funny picture in which Shin Ye Eun made an uncomfortable posture and her neck completely disappeared.

Looking at her own mirror selfie, Shin Ye Eun commented, “I’m doomed. Looks like I have a turtle neck”, drawing laughter.

Fans gave enthusiastic reactions and compliments for her sense of humor. Despite having a lovely visual of a female lead from a romantic comedy, Shin Ye Eun captivates fans with her unexpected personality.

Meanwhile, Shin Ye Eun is starring in SBS’s Mon-Tue drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”, which will air its last episode today (May 16th).

Source: Nate

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