BLACKPINK’s “visual duo” Jennie and Lisa – the friendship that never ends

In BLACKPINK, Jennie and Lisa are often rumored by anti fans that they are not on good terms and do not match well with each other. However, contrary to rumors, BLACKPINK’s rapper duo is extremely close. The two often show their sweet moments on camera, without being awkward. Recently, Korean netizens have made a compilation of moments capturing the adorable moments of Lisa and Jennie.

Indeed, the visual combination of Lisa and Jennie is a total eye-candy. They look surprisingly harmonious. Jennie and Lisa’s visuals both give off classy vibes, but they could also look cute and refreshing sometimes. Not to mention, based on their interactions, BLACKPINK’s rappers are absolutely compatible as well. Both of them always smile happily, joke around with each other. There’s no conflict between them like what anti fans fabricated. 

BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa
The two always look close, whether on stage or backstage
BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa
Both having ideal, attractive bodies and trendy fashion styles, photos of Lisa and Jennie standing next to each other are like they are shooting a pictorial
BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa
The bright smiles of the 2 BLACKPINK members are like a “happy virus” for fans
BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa
Close-up shots of BLACKPINK’s “Physical queens”
BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa
The malicious rumors of them not getting along clearly does not affect the relationship of Jennie and Lisa
The two are still extremely close and fond of one another, not hesitant to show off their friendship in front of the camera
When Jennie – Lisa share a rap verse in BLACKPINK’s songs, they sound amazing together

Source: K14

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