Running Man team comments on Lee Kwang Soo’s departure

Coming to this decision is difficult for both Lee Kwang Soo as well as the Running Man side.

The news that Lee Kwang Soo officially left Running Man after 11 years of sticking up is still confusing fans.  After the male actor’s agency confirmed it, the program crew also made their own moves.

SBS released an official statement on the morning of April 27, saying, “The Running Man members and the production team have discussed with Lee Kwang Soo about the intention to withdraw from the show for a long time. We respect the actor’s decision.”

The actor underwent a leg injury recovery from a car accident last year.  Although not in the best condition, he is still taking part in rehabilitation treatment while doing his best to film with affection and responsibility for Running Man. 

The station explained in detail about the actor’s departure:. “However, despite his efforts, both things are difficult to do at the same time. So he decided to consult the members, staff, and production team about his dilemma.”

Although the members and production team wanted to accompany Lee Kwang Soo for longer.  However, since his own opinion as a fixed member of Running Man is also very important, we decided to respect his decision after a long discussion”.

Unfortunately, we had a beautiful breakup. But please give warm support and encouragement to him and the members who made a tough decision. The Running Man members and the production team will also support Lee Kwang Soo, an eternal member. Thank you.

Running Man team

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