THE BOYZ Eric’s self-composed song boasts uncanny similarity with B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop”

Netizens are suspecting THE BOYZ Eric of plagiarizing a song released by boy group B.A.P back in 2013.

On December 22nd, Eric, a member of boy group THE BOYZ, released his self-composed song “4:03 (Jet Lag)” to express his feelings towards fans on his birthday. The song was released on music platform Soundcloud, and Eric is credited as the composer and lyricist. 


However, after listening to “4:03 (Jet Lag)”, many people were reminded of “Coffee Shop”, a song released by male group B.A.P 9 years ago on June 25th, 2013. 

The uncanny similarities is raising suspicions of plagiarism, and a BABY (fan of B.A.P), has asked the musician that participated in “Coffee Shop” if the song utilized samples that can be repurposed for Eric’s new track. However, the musician confirmed that the song is not a free source, and so are not allowed for sampling nor remake. 


As of the moment, both Eric and his agency are keeping silent about the controversy. 

B.A.P – Coffee Shop:

Eric – 4:03 (Jet Lag):…/always-remember-eric-loved-you/

eric the boyz

Below are some comments from Korean netizens

  • B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop” is a masterpiece that I’ve listened to for years, but to see it trending again for this… these are basically the same song
  • From the intro music to the first line, i can’t see any difference
  • I feel I shouldn’t be hasty, but the similarity is uncanny 
  • At first I was rolling my eyes because of all the fake plagiarizing controversies… but this is very similar
  • Could they have sampled with permission?
  • Sampling needs to be done with permission, but the musician doesn’t know a thing
  • So much for a “self-composed song”
  • The funniest thing is that this is a self-composed song dedicated to fans…
  • They should have checked properly before release. I don’t think he did this intentionally, he might just recall a tune in his head and accidentally make it similar 
  • What I have garnered from this is that “Coffee Shop” is such a good song 

Source: theqoo

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