“BLACKPINK Jennie is dating me”, rapper Swings shouted from the rooftop 

Hip hop artist and entrepreneur Swings has picked BLACKPINK Jennie as the celebrity he wants to date.

On May 8th, a video titled “Let’s sign a contract with our company, Tanaka (with Swings)” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “namolla family hotshow”.


In the video, Tanaka visited Swings’ company, saying, “I came here because Swings invited me.” Then, during a conversation with Swings, Tanaka asked the rapper if there is any woman he wants to meet at that moment. 

Swings initially said it’s a secret, but confessed that he wanted to see BLACKPINK Jennie when Tanaka urged him to tell.


Afterwards, the two then went to the rooftop of the company and admired the open view of Yeonhui-dong. Tanaka prompted Swings to loudly scream that Jennie is his girlfriend.

Smiling, Swings shouted towards the sky, “BLACKPINK Jennie is dating me!!!”


When visiting the office, Tanaka met employees who were working and told them, “Did you know? (Swings) is dating BLACKPINK Jennie,” causing the employees to be flustered.

Meanwhile, Swings broke up with model Im Bo Ra after three years of public dating. He is currently active as an artist under IMJMWDP, a hip hop crew. At the same time, the rapper is operating hip-hop labels Minefield, SugarBeats, and AP Alchemy. As an entrepreneur, he has expanded his business scope to operate gyms, clothing brands, and restaurants.

Source: Wikitree

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