Cai Xukun rumored to have a girlfriend, netizens immediately called out BLACKPINK Lisa and Xie Keyin

On December 29, Sina reported hot news about Cai Xukun‘s love rumor and an A-list female star with a 2-word name. Earlier in 2021, Xie Keyin (THE9) was rumored to be dating Cai Xukun. Although she has a 3-word name and is not yet listed as an A-list female star, many netizens still believe that she is Cai Xukun’s rumored girlfriend.

The rumor said that Cai Xukun has a cold and demanding nature. But he’s not that talkative in real life. Fans are thus growing more and more certain that this male singer will date energetic girls. Online users immediately mentioned Lisa and noted that her English name only contains two words. The powerful female idol was also rumored to be dating Cai Xukun when the two worked together in Youth With You.

Cai Xukun Xie Keyin
Many netizens thought that Cai Xukun is dating Xie Keyin (THE9)
Cai Xukun Lisa
Cai Xukun Lisa
While many others thought his girlfriend is Cai Xukun

The source also revealed one more fact that Cai Xukun and his girlfriend had worked together. And yet, on the 520 day, the female star posted a photo of a red rose because Cai Xukun likes blue roses. The public is now waiting for Cai Xukun’s representative to reveal the identity of his girlfriend.

Responding to the question of whether Cai Xukun dated Xie Keyin or not, the blogger replied vaguely: “Not sure”, but affirmed that Xie Keyin was Cai Xukun’s ideal type.

Cai Xukun
Because Cai Xukun is introverted, he prefers girls with contrary personalities who are cheerful, bright, and dazzling.
Xie Keyin
Xie Keyin is similar to Cai Xukun’s ideal type
lisa blackpink thumbnail
So is Lisa

Source: k14

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