“Reborn Rich” Lee Sung Min “I was most concerned about ‘age’ while playing Jin Yang Chul… NO dialect ad-libs”

Actor Lee Sung Min expressed affection for his character Jin Yang Chul in “Reborn Rich”.

On JTBC’s “Newsroom”, which aired on Dec 29th, Lee Sung Min, who played Chairman Jin Yang Chul in “Reborn Rich“, appeared and shared stories behind the drama.

Lee Sung Min

When asked what he paid most attention to while playing Jin Yang Chul, Lee Sung Min replied, “I was most concerned about ‘age’ because Jin Yang Chul isn’t a role of my age. I thought that point shouldn’t disturb viewers, so it was what mattered most.

As for his props and lines, he said, “There’s a scene where I ask young Do Jun, ‘Don’t you know the future?’

He added, “During the rehearsal, I told the director how it would be if we faked this scene as if Jin Yang Chul knew that Jin Do Jun knows the future. I acted this scene as if Jin Yang Chul knew that Jin Do Jun knows the future.

Lee Sung Min

Regarding Jin Yang Chul, Lee Sung Min confessed, “I usually love the character I play. I especially loved the character Jin Yang Chul. While playing this character, I was able to understand how fiercely and diligently this person lived by imagining the character’s past.

About his dialect acting that became a hot topic, he shared, “This work has almost no ad-libs. During the filming, I told the director, ‘I’m so happy that the dialect is perfect.’ As far as I know, the writer’s husband is from Gyeongsang-do, and the writer said that she did historical research. The words and phrases used by people of that age were written well, so I acted with admiration.

Source: Daum

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