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“Filming ‘The Roundup’ in Vietnam, being deported due to COVID-19 and losing 1 billion won…100% filming in Korea”

The behind-the-scenes story of the movie “The Roundup 2”, including filming difficulties, has been released.

Jang Won Seok, CEO of BA Entertainment, appeared in a new episode of tvN entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block”, which was broadcast on October 12th.

You Quiz on the Block The Roundup

CEO Jang is the person who produced a variety of blockbuster films such as “The King and the Clown”, “War of the Arrows”, “Secret Reunion”, and most recently, “The Roundup 2”. When asked about a memorable character, the CEO mentioned actor Son Seok Gu, who assumed the role of Kang Hae Sang in “The Roundup 2”, saying, “I heard rumors that actor Son Seok-gu is on the rise. Before the release, I was so happy that the K-drama ‘My Liberation Notes’, which stars Son Seok Gu, did well.”

You Quiz on the Block The Roundup

He then added, “On the filming set, (Son Seok-gu’s) nickname was ‘researcher’. He constantly asks questions, communicates, and never rests. There was a plan to shoot the movie in Vietnam, but we were deported due to COVID-19. At the time, there was a loss of about 1 billion won in production costs, but they said if we don’t leave the country, we have to be quarantined for 3 weeks. Son Seok Gu increased his weight by 10kg and got tanned for this work, but he continued to maintain it. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

Finally, the CEO revealed that all the Vietnam backgrounds in “The Roundup 2” were 100% filmed in Korea, and that he edited footages of Vietnam into the filming done in Korea.

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