The relationship between Sung Yu-ri’s husband and Park Min-young’s ex boyfriend?… Sung Yu-ri “I don’t know”

The connection between K, who is suspected of being the real owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, and actress Sung Yu-ri’s husband – golf coach Ahn Sung-hyun is drawing attention.

On Oct 12th, Sung Yu-ri‘s side told Xports News, “We don’t know anything about Ahn Sung-hyun’s car rental and acquaintances.”

sung yuri

On this day, the entertainment media outlet Dispatch reported various allegations related to K, who was rumored to be dating Park Min-young. K complained about previous reports and said, “I really don’t have money. If I had money, why would I be living as a delinquent borrower until now? I still live by selling cell phones.”

His close relationship with Ahn Sung-hyun, who is well known as actress Sung Yu-ri’s husband, was also emphasized. In response, Ahn Sung-hyun drew a line with Dispatch, “I don’t meet K often.”

Sung Yu-ri

K talked about Park Min-young, “I don’t want her acting career to be ruined because of me. (Park Min-young) really likes acting. I hope that Park Min-young won’t be mentioned anymore. We chose to break up under mutual agreement.”

Park Min-young

Earlier, Dispatch reported that Park Min-young is dating a man 4 years older than her named K, who is called a hidden major shareholder of a virtual asset exchange. Photos of Park Min-young visiting K’s house and greeting K’s parents last March were also revealed. K, who was in the mobile phone sales business in the past, was reportedly sentenced to two years and six months in prison and three years of probation for his involvement in a fraud case, fraud and forgery of private documents between 2013 and 2014.

Park Min Young

At that time, Park Min-young’s agency Hook Entertainment explained in an official statement, “We apologize for the delay in expressing our position because we need time to confirm the facts. Park Min-young already broke up with the partner in the current dating rumors. Park Min-young’s older sister also informed Inbiogen that she would resign as a non-executive director.”

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