Ex-LOONA Chuu won in the appeal against former agency Blockberry Creative

Former LOONA member Chuu also won in the appeal against her former agency

On March 8th, the Seoul High Court’s Civil Division 7 (Presiding Judges Kang Seung-jun, Kim Min-ah, Yang Seok-yong) ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the lawsuit filed against Chuu’s former agency Blockberry Creative, seeking confirmation that the exclusive contract is invalid. The court stated, “We judged that the conclusion of the first trial is valid.”

Chuu filed a lawsuit in December 2021 against Blockberry Creative over revenue settlement issues. The court referred this case to mediation, but an agreement between the two parties was not reached.


Then, in November 2022, Blockberry Creative expelled Chuu from the team and the agency, citing verbal abuse towards staff. At the time, Chuu refuted, “I have never done anything to be ashamed of.”

Subsequently, in August last year, the first trial court ruled, “The exclusive contract between Chuu and Blockberry signed in December 2017 is invalid.”

Meanwhile, Chuu is currently active under the agency ATRP.

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