K-netizens recall EXO’s Chinese unit EXO-M and the controversies surrounding its members

EXO-M was an official group that consisted of Chinese members and carried out activities in China.

1. The first pigeon – Kris

In EXO’s worldview, Kris was in charge of the flying superpower. During the first flight, he was also seen giving fans Ferrero Rocher chocolate like feeding pigeons. That’s why he was nicknamed “pigeon”.

1st flight

Kris wanted to become an actor right after his debut with EXO but he failed all the auditions. That’s why he decided to do the comeback with EXO.

Luhan fans, who were upset because the comeback was delayed, went to the airport to beat the leader upon hearing that the leader was about to arrive. 


Hearing that rumor, the leader’s fans gathered at the airport to protect him. The scene was said to look like a battle in “Three Kingdoms”. Touched by the action of his fans, the leader gave Ferrero Rocher to those who tried to protect him. Witnesses said the scene looked like he was feeding pigeons.

The rookie group released a new album after one-year hiatus. However, the title song and b-side tracks had already been leaked. They already filmed the music video with 11 members. He came in the middle and shot his scenes separately then everything was awkwardly put together.

2nd flight (planned)

The group was supposed to have a comeback stage in China, and he planned to disappear on Luhan’s birthday. However, the plan fell through due to the Ferry Sewol accident. Later, it turned out that the first article was originally written on April 20th.

3rd flight

Before EXO’s concert, he stayed in China with his family and didn’t return to Korea. On May 15th, he canceled his flight to Seoul and sued SM.

Kris claimed:

  • The agency treated me like an accessory
  • There were unreasonable schedules and financial difficulties.
  • I developed myocarditis after only eating instant foods during trainee days (hospital photos attached)
  • It’s going to be hard but I’ll fight against the company. Please support me.

In June, Kris made his acting debut through a movie.

In July 2015, SM sued Kris in China for breach of contract

kris wu

As a result, legal proceedings took place in both Korea and China. An agreement was reached where Kris promised to share a certain percentage of profits with SM while continuing his activities in China.

2. The second pigeon – Luhan

After Kris’s issue, he said at a press conference in Korea, “The ground hardens after the rain and I hope this won’t happen again.” EXO held their concert in Korea on May 25th and began their overseas tour.


Luhan complained of health issues and demanded rest, SM agreed. He continued to complain more, about his fear of heights, getting nervous, scared, insomnia, etc. He said that he couldn’t continue overseas activities and asked SM to let him open a studio and do individual activities in China. However, SM didn’t listen to his requests.


Luhan decided to attend the last concert of EXO’s China tour in Beijing, his hometown. He then pretended to be in pain at the concert. He complained of health issues and demanded rest at his parents’ home. 

On October 10th, Luhan sued SM, just like Kris, claiming:

  • I’ve tried working as a member of EXO, but I don’t think there’s a good vision for EXO
  • The agency discriminated against EXO-K and EXO-M. I was treated unfairly by Koreans. I tried my best to carry out the schedules but they didn’t take care of me.

He secretly set up a company in China in February 2014. 

In 2015, SM sued Luhan, and Luhan also agreed to share a certain percentage of profits with SM to continue his activities in China.

3. The third pigeon – Tao

Tao called Kris and Luhan traitors who betrayed EXO. He complained that EXO had to prepare for everything, from the concert to the comeback, forms scratch due to the two’s leaving. He was tired but he loved EXO. 

During EXO’s “Call Me Baby” comeback promotion (April 2nd, 2015), Tao said his legs hurt while preparing for the comeback stages. Therefore, he skipped the promotion and returned to China with his dad. SM agreed.


Two weeks later, Tao announced his departure from EXO, claiming that he didn’t want to but needed to receive treatment.

In July, Tao released a solo song with the lyrics, saying “I didn’t want to remember the past that I wasted”.

SM sued Tao. He lost in the first trial, second trial, and also the Supreme Court. Kris and Luhan ended with agreements, but Tao lost all.

4. The fourth pigeon – Lay

After the leaving of the three Chinese members, SM allowed Lay to open his own studio. Therefore, Lay continued to be a member of EXO but he did not participate in any promotions in Korea after “Love Me Right”

Afterwards, he joined the shooting of “Tempo” music video for his separate scenes and took some photo cards. 

exo lay

Lay left the group after his contract expired in 2022. He was the only EXO-M member to finish the contract.

The remaining pieces of EXO-M are the Korean members, Chen and Xiumin.

Reading the article, Korean netizens commented:

  • A group of pigeonsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Oh, that’s rightㅋㅋㅋ
  • It’s a legend. The whole group are pigeonsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • I can’t believe it…ㅋㅋ
  • This is crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: theqoo

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