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EXO D.O raises expectations for his first appearance on a variety show as a fixed member

EXO member D.O (Do Kyung Soo) impressed everyone with his unique sense of entertainment.

On February 23rd, SBS released the second teaser video for the new variety show “No Math School Trip”.

In the first teaser video released earlier, 6 members, D.O, Zico, Crush, Choi Jung Hoon, Lee Yong Jin, and Yang Se Chan, drew attention as they were seen immersing themselves in the “Hell of Game” against the backdrop of a beautiful snowfield.


The new teaser released on the 23rd reveals the members’ first travel Vlog, raising fans’ curiosity. In particular, the appearance of the cute penguins stole the spotlight. Among them, “Dadi” was introduced as the oldest penguin. 

Later, the members participated in a game and they were asked to guess the name of the oldest penguin. Lee Yong Jin said, “To be honest, I wanted to write down the anime Paeng Hyun Sook. But I’m not going to play around”, and turned on his ‘serious mode’.


However, the members were shocked when D.O was the only person who gave the wrong answer. His expression of not knowing why he was wrong made everyone laugh hard. D.O’s extraordinary entertainment skill is expected to be another point to attract viewers for “No Math School Trip”.

Meanwhile, “No Math School Trip” is a variety program showing six men doing special missions and playing different games on a school trip. It will premiere at 9 p.m. on March 9th.


Source: Daum

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