SM has registered a copyright for a new name – PINKBLOOD

SM Entertainment has applied trademark for the name “PINKBLOOD/핑크블러드” in both English and Hangul on May 11, 2021. It was applied under the same category as EXO, aespa, NCT, and any other SM’s groups’ names.

Immediately, many netizens had speculations about this name. 

Some fans thought that this would be the name for the female version of SuperM. If this speculation is correct, some members of aespa and Red Velvet may form a special sub-unit with the name PINKBLOOD.

Some people thought that this would be the name for SM Ent’s new male group.  Recently some rumors about SM launching a new boy group have been spread on social networks.  Accordingly, it will be the “next EXO” group with 12 members or the male version of SNSD with 9 members.

In addition, according to some other rumors, SM Entertainment will send trainees to Mnet’s new survival show Girls Planet 999, to launch a group to promote in Korea, Japan, and China. The show will air in August and is rumored to include 99 trainees.  Some rumors suggest that this female trainee appeared in the VCR of NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce. Is the name PINKBLOOD related to this girl group?

However, some fans think it’s not a group but it could be goods/products from SM since the color stated is the primary color of the company, and as stipulated in the designated goods.

All of the above information is just speculation as well. Therefore, fans still have to wait for the official information from SM Entertainment.

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