Audiences were surprised by the real appearances of the rookie girl group STAYC

The new girl group just debuted today, STAYC, was expected to surpass SM’s rookie aespa.

However, is this group’s appearance shimmering like in the teaser photos and the MV?

Recently, aespa is popular for being a rookie girl group of SM. However, when aespa was controversial for their visuals and talent, a girl group from the unknown company Highup Entertainment named STAYC suddenly appeared and was highly appreciated by the public. The reason is that all the members of STAYC are incredibly beautiful. Everyone is so beautiful that they can be the center or visual. Not as expected, on the evening of November 12, STAYC officially debuted on stage and caused a big controversy because … their visuals in real life are not as shimmering as in the pictures and MV.

Seeun, J, and Yoon are the 3 members that were highly appreciated before because their beauty could beat all Kpop’s current female idols. Not as expected, on stage or at a press conference, these 3 members are less beautiful. 

Besides, many people praised STAYC’s beauty, saying that they are not photogenic. Looking from other angles, these 3 members are still very pretty, just their charisma is not as great as on the MV!


Seeun is the member that was highly appreciated in the photos and teaser videos.

This girl owns Korean standard lines and a perfect face. However, at the press conference and stage, Seeun disappointed the audience because of her overweight face and acne skin.

The body of this female idol was also not slim, especially in the thighs. This girl also revealed a not eye-catching waist, while the arms were still quite slim. However, when on stage, Seeun stood out for her radiant beauty and professional spirit.


J is a very strange factor with a beautiful beauty like a doll. She has a Western-like appearance.

The teaser of this girl went viral right after being released. J has a similarity to Jeon Somin, but she also has a unique and strange beauty. At the press conference, J appeared with a pretty face. However, perhaps because of the poor outfits, light and, hairstyle, she looked a bit less beautiful. J’s body was also not too outstanding, only at an average level. However, J surprised the audience with her eye-catching beauty and bright face on their stage.


Yoon is probably the most special factor in this group. She made a strong impression with a beautiful face like a Japanese doll, unbelievably perfect eyes, and a cold aura. This was the most expected factor in the STAYC lineup.

And when appearing at the press conference and stage, Yoon completely won the hearts of the fans because of her surprising beauty. But many netizens believed that this girl did not stand out because her outfit was too simple. Yoon’s body was also highly appreciated, especially her long and super slim legs. However, Yoon’s face was too long and her teeth were not beautiful.

The 2 members who disappointed the fans the most on the debut stage were Sieun and Sumin. The outstanding Sieun on the MV was criticized by Knet for being fat on the stage. Meanwhile, Sumin has a too normal appearance.


In the photo at the debut event, this girl’s face was criticized for being fat, but her features were still considered very sharp. From another angle, Sieun clearly revealed the flaw of a plump face, short neck.


From the beginning, Sumin was not appreciated for her appearance. And when it came to the real photo at the debut event, the audience was even more disappointed by her pretty normal appearance. In some pictures, she also revealed belly fat.


Meanwhile, Isa surprisingly impressed with her beauty and the charisma that lit up the whole stage. Previously, Isa was not a member that attracted the public’s attention. This girl is said to have an overly normal face and a fierce expression. However, on the stage, Isa immediately made the stage brighter because of her attractive spirit. Isa’s beautiful face lines and charming body became a surprise on stage.

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