Dawn recognized by “Korean Zombie” Jung Chan Sung, “A fighting prodigy among celebrities”

Martial arts player Jung Chan Sung praised the outstanding martial arts skills of singer Dawn.

On April 27th, a video titled “GO TO THE ZOMBIE GYM | DAWN” was uploaded on Jung Chan Sung’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, singer Dawn had a conversation and a martial arts match with Jung Chan Sung.

The PD of the video told Dawn, “Chan Sung was telling us about you earlier. He said you were a fighting prodigy among celebrities.

When Dawn showed great surprise at this, Jung Chan Sung explained, “I definitely told you that you’re good and have form.

Dawn said, “Ah, you did say that to me. I was scared about it at first. If I busted my ass off here, I might have to join ‘Zombie Gym’.

“Zombie Gym” mentioned by Dawn is the name of a martial arts studio run by Jung Chan Sung.


Later, when Jung Chan Sung asked about his physical stats, Dawn surprised everyone by revealing that he is 172cm tall and weighs 55kg.

After revealing such details, Jung Chan Sung and Dawn began to practice martial arts in earnest. Here, Dawn showed off his outstanding athletic ability by making a “jab” with agile body movements.

Dawn hit Jung Chan Sung’s stomach once, then raised himself to attack Jung Chan Sung’s head instead of attacking the stomach consecutively.


Jung Chan Sung praised Dawn for being good at martial arts. The staff also applauded and cheered.

Fans were surprised when Dawn, who usually showed chic charm, exercised brightly and energetically.

Many people raised their thumbs with reactions such as “I can feel his healthy energy“, “The part in which he suddenly attacks the head while trying to attack the stomach is particularly sensible“, and so on.

Source: Insight

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