aespa have more collaboration songs than group songs, leaving fans enraged 


Girl group aespa made their debut in 2020 with the single “Black Mamba”. Now, 2 years later, they have released 2 additional EPs, namely “Savage” and “Girls”, alongside several other singles like “Next Level” and “Dreams Come True”. This make aespa’s discography consist of a total of 15 songs (excluding collaboration), and extremely low number for a 2-year-old artist. 

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Excluding collaboration, aespa has only released 15 songs 

In particular aespa’s first EP, “Savage”, only consists of 6 songs. Then, their 2nd ep, “Girls”, includes 9 songs, with several singles released beforehand like “Black Mamba”, “Dreams Come True”, “Forever”, as well as the Korean and English version of “Life’s Too Short”. Alongside their hit single “Next Level”, which was released in 2021, aespa’s discography as a group only totaled to 15 songs. 

However, if collaborations are counted, aespa would have a total of over 30 releases. In particular, they have worked with SM Entertainment seniors like NCT, Red Velvet, and EXO Kai for 10 songs. Furthermore, the project group GOT the Beat, which includes aespa Karina and Winter, will soon be dropping 6 extra tracks in their upcoming mini-album. This leads to a rather ironic situation, where aespa only has 15 songs to themselves, but 16 collaboration pieces. 


This fact has been pointed out by a netizen on Twitter and reposted by another on the forum Reddit, and fans’ reaction are not exactly thrilled. In particular, many are questioning SM’s decision to not focus on aespa, especially as the competition between 4th generation girl groups is getting more heated than ever. 

SM needs to priority aespa’s activities as a group, another said, while others pointed out that Giselle and Ningning are being left out while Karina and Winter focus on promotions with GOT the Beat. 

Source: Twitter, Reddit, Billboard VN

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