”So you guys judge someone just by their faces?”, ITZY Chaeryeong’s mother left a comment

Chaeryeong’s mother left a warning for people who are posting malicious comments. She directly replied to comments bashing Chaeryeong on the latest posts.

She said, “You guys said those words so easily even though it can hurt Chaeryeong. She’s just debuted recently and to me she’s the most precious child.”


“Just because she is not pretty in your eyes, you guys come to her comment, her videos to belittle her, ignore her, exclude her, hurt her without hesitation as if it’s the right thing to do”, she said hurtfully.

She directed this towards netizens who judge people by their faces, “Do you judge a 19-year-old child only by her face? Each one have a different taste just like how each one have their own charm.”


And finally, Chaeryeong is a good kid. Please keep on watching her. You don’t have to like her, but please don’t hurt my child. I personally ask you for this.”

Meanwhile, Chaeryeong made her debut as a member of the five-member girlgroup ITZY on Feb 12th. Her sister, Chaeyoung, is also active as an idol in IZ*ONE.


Source: Dispatch

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