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“Weekly Idol” WJSN Bona “Dayoung cried at the dinner party after our concert”

WJSN Bona reveals the story behind the dinner party where Dayoung cried.

On MBC M’s entertainment program “Weekly Idol“, which is scheduled to air on July 6th, WJSN, which aims to become an unrivaled summer queen this summer, visits Weekly Idol to promote their special single album “Sequence”.

weekly idol wjsn

“Weekly Idol”, which was reorganized in July this year, introduced a new corner called “Rankings determined by fans”. “Rankings determined by fans” is a corner where idols try to guess the rankings set by fans. On this day, WJSN held a successful new corner initiation ceremony, boasting heated discussions and outspoken volubility for each question.

weekly idol wjsn

In addition, before the full-fledged corner, the episode behind the concert that was recently successfully completed was unveiled. In particular, Bona revealed the truth about Dayoung‘s drunkenness, “Dayoung cried at the dinner party after our concert. It was like a scene in a movie.”

weekly idol wjsn

However, Dayoung surprised everyone by confessing that she did not drink alcohol at all, “I bought non-alcoholic beer separately at a convenience store that day.” Viewers are curious about why Dayoung cried after drinking non-alcoholic beer.

weekly idol wjsn

Besides, WJSN revealed not only the behind-the-scenes of their concert but also the behind-the-scenes of “Queendom 2”. “Weekly Idol” is scheduled to air at 7:30 PM on MBC M and 12 PM on MBC Every1.

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