G-Dragon doesn’t own the limited Bugatti car, “the photo was taken at an exhibition”

It was previously reported that BIGBANG G-Dragon own a limited vehicle with only one available in Korea, it this was not true

On July 7th, the Korean media site My Daily confirmed that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon does not own a limited Bugatti car, and the photo of the car published onto his Instagram was taken at an exhibition.

Earlier on July 4th, G-Dragon posted a photo that featured a luxury car from Bugatti, which seemed to be taken inside his house. In addition, the male artist added an emoticon that means Bugatti, leading to suspicions that G-Dragon owns the car, which is the only one in Korea. 

g-dragon instagram

The vehicle in G-Dragon’s photo is a Bugatti Chiron, priced at 4.4 billion won, or around 2.5 million USD on the market. There is only one of this car available in Korea, and it was previously suspected that G-Dragon might be the owner. 

However, the suspicions have been confirmed as false, and G-Dragon only took a photo of the car while he visited an exhibition.

g-dragon instagram story

The male idol has previously purchased many luxury cars, including a 350,000 USD Bentley Continental GT, a 500,000 USD Lamborghini Aventador, and a 650,000 USD Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Source: MyDaily

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