G-Dragon bought a car of a special edition model to be produced in 500 units worldwide?

Netizens are curious about whether G-Dragon has become the owner of a supercar that costs about 2.4 million euros (3.2 billion won).

On July 4th, G-Dragon posted on his personal Instagram Story a photo showing the inside of a car with white leather seats and a blue seat belt buckle. 

g-dragon instagram story

One netizen pointed out that this could be a Bugatti car which costs about 2.4 million euros (approximately 3.2 billion won). The car is said to be a model released during the brand introduction in Korea in 2020. In addition, this is one of the 500 cars of this model to be produced worldwide by 2024.

G-Dragon did not leave any caption for his photo so it is not possible to confirm the exact model and whether he purchased it or not. 


G-Dragon once made headlines by appearing at the airport with a white Roll-Royce Phantom car when he left Korea for the Channel 2022/23 Cruise Collection Fashion Show. This car is known to be an expensive supercar worth more than 600 million won. 

Source: wikitree

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