A girl group that surprised people because the members are so close even though 13 years have passed since their debut

Rainbow Jisook (real name Kim Ji-sook) uploaded group photos with the members to show off their friendship.

On July 19th, Jisook posted some photos on her Instagram account with the caption “It’s been a while since we gathered together as a whole! Our members whom I’m always thankful for, thank you for congratulating me! Let’s meet again and chat more next time”.


In the first photo, clockwise from left to right, Jo Hyun-young, Kim Jae-kyung, Jeong Yoon-hye, Noeul, Kim Ji-sook, Oh Seung-ah and Go Woo-ri are posing for the camera.

There is a cake on the table, so it seems that seven members gathered for Jisook, who celebrated her birthday on July 18th. In the second photo, each of the seven members made a V with their index and middle fingers to create a star.


Rainbow, to which Jisook belongs, is a seven-member Korean idol girl group that debuted in 2009. After the official disbandment procedure in 2016, all of the members left the music industry.

In 2019, they announced their reunion by releasing an album commemorating their 10th debut anniversary. Afterwards, they resumed their activities through group entertainment programs.

rainbow jiseok

Meanwhile, Jisook announced her marriage to programmer Lee Doo-hee in October 2020.

Source: wikitree

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