At 3 am Rosé (BLACKPINK) unexpectedly released a video of her playing the guitar, showing off her sweet voice

But it’s Rose’s video background that attracts attention.

It’s been a long time since Rosé (BLACKPINK) hasn’t released any singing videos to fans.  During this Christmas, Lisa and Jennie both released dance videos as gifts for fans, but Rosé disappointed them.  As if understanding the hearts of fans, at 3 am on December 28 (KST), Rosé suddenly took to Instagram to release a super sweet music video!

Rosé covered Wildfire (Cautious Clay)

Fans were delighted by Rosé’s 3 a.m. surprise gift.  This is also considered a “late Christmas present” that Rosé sent to fans.  She covered the song Wildfire from Cautious Clay’s Deadpan Love album.  The guitar that the main vocalist BLACKPINK plays in the video is the one John Mayer gave her earlier this year.  The combination of the guitar sound and Rosé’s sweet voice makes fans ecstatic.

Rose Wildfire cover
Fans praised it as the perfect cover video

In particular, fans also praised Rosé for being very delicate as she filmed the video in the beautiful sunset.  Beautiful visuals, sweet vocals, smooth guitar sound along with the background of the sunset have made the video receive countless compliments.

Rose Wildfire cover
Not only captivates fans with her sweet voice
Rose Wildfire cover
Rosé was also praised for choosing an amazing background
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