Five Korean Male Actor and Female Singer Couples Currently Receiving Support from Fans 

Here are 5 outstanding male actor – female singer couples in the Korean entertainment industry. 

With the dating news of Ahn Bohyun and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, another top star couple, attention is drawn to other couples who have been openly dating and receiving love from fans, with the trend being male actors and female singers.

So, who are the representative male actor ♥ female singer couples currently in a public relationship? Let’s take a look at five pairs.

Ahn Bohyun and BLACKPINK Jisoo

Today (August 3rd), Ahn Bohyun and BLACKPINK Jisoo are the hottest couple who have admitted their relationship. Jisoo’s agency, YG Entertainment, quickly confirmed the dating report, stating that the two are getting to know each other with good feelings and asking fans to support them warmly.

jisoo blackpink ahn bo hyun

Jisoo has mentioned her ideal type in the past through various media, describing someone who is attractive when they smile, has a humorous personality, and only looks at her.

Ahn Bohyun, after the end of the drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’ in 2021, said in an interview, “I don’t have a specific external ideal type. I hope for someone with a bright personality and whom I can share empathy with.

Lee Jongsuk and IU

Lee Jongsuk and IU confirmed their relationship on the same day Dispatch reported their dating on December 31st last year. They went from close colleagues to lovers and spent a warm Christmas holiday together.

iu lee jong suk

IU previously sang at Lee Jongsuk’s younger brother’s wedding. Especially when Lee Jongsuk won Daesang at the ‘2022 MBC Drama Awards,’ he expressed his admiration and love for IU.

Jung Kyungho and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Jung Kyungho and Sooyoung, representing one of the longest relationships in Korea’s entertainment industry, started dating in 2012 and officially acknowledged their relationship in 2014. They have been together for 11 years, maintaining a beautiful relationship.

Jung Kyungho and Girls' Generation's Sooyoung

Sooyoung and Jung Kyungho openly show their affection through leaving comments on each other’s Instagram posts and mentioning one another on TV programs.

Because of their long-term relationship, fans naturally started talking about marriage. Jung Kyungho cautiously responded, saying they haven’t discussed it in concrete terms yet but will consider it when the time comes.

Ryu Junyeol and Girl’s Day Hyeri

Meeting as co-stars through the drama ‘Reply 1988’ in 2015, Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri went from friends to lovers and officially confirmed their relationship in 2017. Even after seven years since the drama ended, they still have meals with other ‘Reply 1988’ cast members, showing their love and friendship.

Ryu Junyeol and Girl's Day Hyeri

They have been seen together in Seoul cafes, restaurants, and escape rooms, proving their affectionate bond. As both have acting as a common interest, Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri support each other’s works and continue their mature relationship.

Jo Jungsuk and Gummy

Jo Jungsuk and Gummy have gone beyond being a couple and became a married couple and parents. Jo Jungsuk and Gummy started dating in 2013 and officially confirmed their relationship in February 2015.

Jo Jungsuk and Gummy

They built a strong love with ‘music’ as a common bond. Finally, after a long five years of dating, Jo Jungsuk and Gummy got married in 2018, receiving blessings from many people. In August 2020, they welcomed their adorable daughter.

Source: Insight. 

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