NU’EST is mentally ‘flooded’ because of sasaeng fans, Pledis immediately issued an urgent statement to save the situation

 On May 13, Pledis Entertainment published an urgent announcement to the entire fandom of NU’ESTabout the recent issue regarding sasaeng fans.  Specifically, the 5 NU’EST members are living extremelydifficult days due to being continuously harassed by sasaeng fans.

 “Despite our previous announcement about orderly fan club behavior and the protection of our artists’ privacy, fans are continuing to visit the company, practice rooms, recording rooms, fitness centers, etc., to wait for the members or follow their vehicles to their dormitory, making the members suffer from severe psychological distress.””We’ll respond strongly to all current and future cases, including these latest violations, through action such as limiting NU’EST-related fan club activities permanently. We will collect evidence via sources including CCTV footage and the internet to file a complaint at the local police station. We’ll ask for severe punishment for all matters that compromise the safety and personal rights of NU’EST.”

The label stated, 

In other news, NU’EST recently made a comeback with their album ‘The Nocturne’ and title song “I’m in Trouble”.

Sources: allkpop

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