“Scene of the Century,” Behind-the-scenes of BTS V and Olivia Rodrigo’s whispering conversation

BTS V revealed the behind-the-scenes of his whispering to Olivia Rodrigo, which was selected as the best moment at the 64th Grammy Awards.

BTS released a video titled ‘[EPISODE] BTS @ 64th GRAMMY Awards’ on its official YouTube channel BangTanTV.

BTS attended the 64th Grammy Awards held in Las Vegas in April and received rave reviews for their “Butter” stage performance.

Billboard ranked BTS’s performance as the “best performance at the Grammy Awards” while the Rolling Stone ranked them 13th among the “Top 25 greatest Grammy Awards performances in history,” showing how BTS was drawing explosive attention and praise from the media as well as viewers around the world.

In particular, V’s transformation into James Bond and whispering to Olivia Rodrigo was cited by leading foreign media, such as the BBC, as the “best moment at the Grammy Awards.” 

BTS Grammy 2022

The Grammy episode video contains the process of this scene, which was not planned in the original performance, being proposed by V.

The first choreography performance required V to pull out a card from behind Olivia Rodrigo without any other action or words. After practicing this scene, V said, “It’s funny to just pull out a card. I think it would be better for me to pull out the card while pretending to talk,” he suggested his opinion.

bts v

BTS’s performance, which was modified with V’s idea, created a movie-like atmosphere and successfully attracted huge attention from the audience around the world. In addition, it was also selected as the hottest moment at the Grammy Awards.

V carefully monitored the details of the performance, such as the timing for throwing the card, taking off the jackets, and catching the card then practiced again, proving his title of a stage genius.

After the Grammy Awards ceremony, BTS members gathered and greeted their fans. While watching the scene he filmed with Olivia Rodrigo, V confessed the secret, saying “It looks like a real conversation but I only said bla bla…”.

bts v

Later, V suddenly remembered that Jin couldn’t shout BTS’s chant before going on the stage together with the whole group because of his injury then suggested all the members shouted ‘fighting’ together, creating a warm scene. 

Fans poured out compliments for V, such as:

  • “The scene of the century was created with V’s idea. He is really a genius”
  • “He looks so cool when counting the time to throw the card”
  • “They keep thinking of new ideas every time. Even if it’s the same song, the performance would look different”
  • “Tae-hyung looked so nervous since he couldn’t say a word. I’ve never seen him with this appearance before”
  • “The performance was chosen as the best moment at the Grammy Awards and he was also selected as a best dresser”

Source: Daum

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