Rumor has it Got The Beat will disband? 

GOT The Beat is rumored to be dissolving the power of poor achievements

According to the information from an attendee at the Got The Beat fansign, at the end of the event, Taeyeon quietly but firmly stated: “The first and last fansign for Got The Beat has ended.” It is inferred from the statement that not only the event would not take place at another time but also that the group would no longer be active in the future. 

The news took the fans by surprise.  

After the news was spread online, netizens showed mixed reaction. Some expressed their regrets for the group while others supported the disbandment if that happened, largely because GOT The Beat did not perform well on digital charts. 

Moreover, their comeback song “Stamp On It” only achieved 20 thousand pre-orders on Ktown4u, a relatively low figure for an SM group. Compared to the album sales of the group having members taking part in GOT The Beat, the pre-order figure did not look good. At this point, a group of fans even “demanded” the company to “disband” the supergroup. 

Got The Beat is a Souh Korean supergroup under SM Entertainment and the first sub-unit of the project group Girls On Top. Got The Beat released their first debut single “Step Back” in January 2022  and their EP “Stamp On It” in early this year. 

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