Kim Tae Ri reveals her childhood dream, “I wanted to be a daughter of a stationery store owner”

Kim Tae Ri and Kim Woo Bin’s childhood dreams turn out to be unrelated to acting. 

In the latest episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Live” broadcast on July 14th, Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Tae Ri, the cast of the upcoming movie “Alienoid”, appeared as guests. 

In this episode, the three actors traveled back in time to 1993 and recalled their dreams and visions for the future when they were young. Kim Tae Ri said, “I wanted to be a daughter of a stationery store’s owner. There were too many stationery items that I wanted.

Kim Woo Bin said he wanted to be a soccer player. He explained, “Even then, I was always tall.” Ryu Jun Yeol confessed, “When I was a kid, I kept wondering how I could play instead of doing homework without my mom knowing.

Moving onto 2010, the three were asked what they were doing during that year. Ryu Jun Yeol said he attended the department of theater and film at university and was appearing on the theater stage.

Kim Tae Ri shared, “I was in my third year of college, and I was in trouble because my grades were messed up. But I thought, ‘Forget it, I want to join a play’”. As for Kim Woo Bin, he said, “I was working as a full-time model. And that year’s winter, I acted in my first drama.”

Source: daum

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