How Kpop idols react to their fans getting hurt: aespa was revealed to be lipsyncing?

Fans are extremely important to every Kpop idol. Therefore, many show extreme concerns when they see their fans hurt. 

Most Kpop idols treasure their fans dearly, and so would act kindly when they see their fans fall and hurted. However, some reactions still don’t sit well with the netizens. 

aespa – Pause their performance

Recently, a fan collapsed while watching aespa’s rehearsal for the 2022 Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. The girl group was performing their new title “Girls” at the time, but showed extreme concern when they noticed, and even paused the performance. They then quickly informed staff of the situation and let the fan get help.

However, since the song went on despite aespa pausing, many netizens suspected that the girl group was lipsyncing the whole time. Many fans, however, jumped to aespa’s defense, saying that the girls’ microphones were still on, and the backtrack is just to support their voice. 

Some also expressed that pausing the performance was unprofessional, but most seemed to disagree with this opinion.

 GOT7 JB – Pull every fan up

In October 2017, GOT7 member JB won over the heart of everyone as he appeared amid a turbulent crowd. Many fans fell as they were pushed around, so JB stopped and pulled them up, despite his manager nudging him to go. The male idol’s gallant gesture soon made headlines across the net, and many praised him for being a whole gentleman. 

ENHYPEN – Quickly leave the scene 

On May 16th, 2022, Kpop boy group ENHYPEN arrived at the airport after their schedule. Here, many fans gather to welcome them, but the crowd got too intense and even violent. 

To stop hyper fans from approaching ENHYPEN, the group’s bodyguards perhaps pushed too harshly, causing several to fall. Meanwhile, ENHYPEN left the scene within the guard’s protection, causing controversies. 

Most netizens, however, agree with the action, calling the fans “obsessive” and saying that they shouldn’t have been at the airport in the first place. They also said that ENHYPEN were probably scared since such incidents happen very often. 

BLACKPINK – Shocked and concerned

At one of BLACKPINK’s fansigns, a fan suddenly tripped and fell when she was approaching Jennie. Immediately, all BLACKPINK members showed shock and concern on their faces, and quickly asked if the fans were ok. 

All in all, despite some controversies, most Kpop idols treasure their fans dearly.

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