Female Kpop idols suspected to have got plastic surgery, only to look worse than original? 

Netizens are disappointed that the appearance of these 4 female Kpop idols have changed. 

Having a straight and high nose bridge can greatly elevate the visuals of many people. Therefore, many Kpop idols want to have such perfect noses, and even went as far as to get nose jobs to look “perfect”. However, in many cases, netizens prefer the idol’s original look, and expressed regrets over what they believe are plastic surgery. 

Below are 4 noticeable cases:

1. TWICE Nayeon 

Nayeon’s lively and refreshing visuals have always been well-regarded by the Korean public, who praised her cute visuals and iconic “bunny teenth”. However, Nayeon’s side profile is said to be the female idol’s fatal flaw. 

According to netizens, Nayeon’s nose bridge looks unusual, especially on the side or from the upward angle. Over time, her nose is said to have gotten sharper and stiffer, possibly due to plastic surgery.

2. Apink Naeun

Right after debut, the former Apink member became a hot topic in Korea with her innocent and doll-like appearance. However, the female idol’s recent appearance is completely different from before, with a noticeably higher nose. Netizens even went as far as to call Naeun the prime example of “failed plastic surgery”.

3. aespa Winter 

With her large eyes and chubby cheeks, aespa member Winter quickly became a well-known visual among the Kpop world. Her extremely high nose bridge is often praised to be so “surreal”, people can slide on them. 

However, looking at past photos, many people believe that Winter has got surgery for her nose. 

4. Lovelyz Kei

Before Lovelyz disbanded, Kei used to be a “fairy” that attracted fans with her innocent appearance. With her small face and extremely bright eyes, the female idol is often compared to a comic book character, only to lose this charm as she started her solo career. Netizens believe that Kei’s nose has become larger and sharper, and thus ill-fitted for her cute looks. 

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