Former AOA member Kwon Mina became the owner of a café in Hongdae

Former AOA member Kwon Mina announced the opening of her café.

Kwon Mina posted on her Instagram on July 10th, “Please come to the café a lot. Drink delicious coffee that the manager with 6-year barista experience makes for you, and take a good rest!” Along with this, she left the café’s address and photos.

The photos showed the café opened by Kwon Mina in Hongdae. Kwon Mina’s café is known to be only on the first floor.

Kwon Mina recently announced her transformation into an entrepreneur by delivering the news of opening a café and hiring employees through SNS.

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina left AOA in 2019 to concentrate on working as an actress. Kwon Mina later became the center of controversy by revealing her feud with AOA members in the past.

Source: nate

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