BTS V confirmed he is in preparation to release solo album

BTS member V recently revealed his plans for a solo album 

Famous as they are, every activity of the world-famous group BTS immediately becomes the talk of town. After BTS members announced that they will be focusing on solo activities for a while, however, fans grew concerned over not being able to see BTS together, and feared that there will be a long wait for solo activities.

However, HYBE confirmed BTS’s first official solo album right afterwards, with j-hope releasing his solo ep “Jack In The Box” on July 15th.

In addition to j-hope, it seems that BTS V will also be starting his individual promotions soon, as the male idol revealed he’s also in the process for a solo project in a recent vlog. 

According to V, he has been preparing for this solo project for 4 entire years. During this time period, he’d learned and reviewed a lot of skills to ensure a perfect product for his fans. 

In particular, the male idol said: “For the past 4 years I’ve been hesitant and indecisive [about solo activities] and now I’m finally doing it. So I want to produce everything since I have the opportunity, and I’m talking with a lot of directors too. I’m studying and working hard, so ARMY (BTS fandom) can think it is really good quality.”

V also disclosed that he’s a rather ambitious man, and that he wants to attempt various different music genres and styles, even making a list that’d require him to shoot 8 music videos. The male idol ended up having to shorten the list to ensure the quality of his works.

I have so many things I want to try. So many things, I made a list. If I do everything on my list,  I have to shoot 8 music videos. I was like: ‘Huh? How did this happen?’ So I narrowed it down”, the BTS member shared. 

The male idol also added that he wants his solo album to be the best possible product, and so he’s working hard to achieve such a task. In addition, he asked fans to anticipate his upcoming project, and promised to not let people feel disappointed. 

While there has so far been nothing released about V’s solo album, we can all agree that V’s perfectionist tendencies won’t allow for anything low-quality. Therefore, his first individual ep will be something to look forward to. 

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